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Making Big Picture Decisions

6 Expert Practices for Clarity and Confidence

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How you'll benefit

In this 60-minute course, you'll apply expert practices to overcome decision paralysis and the fear of choosing the “wrong” thing so you can make effective personal decisions with clarity and confidence.



By the end of this class, you’ll be clear on your big picture vision, have a framework for making personal decisions, and feel confident making decisions that support what you want and value.


What you can expect

We cover a lot of ground in our 60 minutes together so prepare for a deep dive into decision-making! You will:

  • Learn what's behind decision paralysis so you can identify and address it

  • Explore questions and exercises around your fears, goals, and vision

  • Walk through expert practices to make intentional, empowered decisions


If you want to feel clear, confident, and empowered to make big decisions, this class was made for you.

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What you'll get access to

You'll get instant and lifetime access to:

  • 1 hour of video lessons (divided into 12 videos)

  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of 6 expert practices

  • Intentional Productivity member account (24/7 access to the class in your member portal + instant access to any updates!)


Video lessons

To serve different types of learners, each lesson is a combination of conversational instruction, clear slides, and practical exercises.

You'll walk through 7 key steps in the class:

  1.  Unpack the fear of choosing the “wrong” thing

  2.  Exercise one: determine what interests and excites you

  3.  Exercise two: align your day-to-day with overarching values

  4.  Exercise three: identify your ideals and key areas of focus

  5.  Exercise four: make everything easier and more attainable

  6.  Exercise five: create a practical roadmap for your big picture

  7.  Exercise six: handle lingering fears, doubts, and uncertainties

Each step is outlined in the What you'll learn and apply section below. Scroll down for an in-depth breakdown of what's inside.

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What you'll learn and apply


Unpack the fear

  • Identify how fear impacts our thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions
  • Understand what is at the root of decision paralysis and what that looks like
  • Learn the science behind emotional/fear responses (and what to do with it)
RESULT: You'll be better able to recognize and move through uncomfortable emotions.


Exercise one

  • Explore the factors you evaluate when making decisions or assessing options
  • Learn the role of checking in with your needs, values, and emotional state
  • Reframe common questions to identify and support your interests and curiosities
RESULT: You'll have an emotional gauge for making decisions that align with your interests.


Exercise two

  • Practice values-based inquiry to gain clarity on your big picture goals and values
  • Identify the qualities you deem important and want to embody or create in your work
  • Craft a simple framework to guide your everyday choices and actions
RESULT: Your values and objectives will act as a compass to guide your actions and decisions.


Exercise three

  • Clarify what you see/want as the general themes or areas of focus in your life
  • Begin thinking about your big picture vision and ideals with an expanded timeframe
  • Outline and visualize your ideals for the areas of your life you deem most important
RESULT: You'll begin clarifying your personal vision, ideals, priorities, and key areas of focus.


Exercise four

  • Determine the “right” goal, step, or priority to focus your energy on first
  • Explore “deceptively simple” yet powerful questions that break your big picture vision into tangible, actionable next steps
  • Walk through how to focus on what's truly essential to streamline your process and prevent distraction, overwhelm, and burnout
RESULT: You'll have a central focus to make each step easier and each goal more attainable.


Exercise five

  • Break down your big picture vision and ideals into actionable steps and checkpoints
  • Create a roadmap that connects one step or goal to the next and your day-to-day choices with your big picture objectives
  • Bridge the gap between today and someday, and shift from abstract or wishful thinking to intentional and immediate action
RESULT: You'll have a practical roadmap for your big picture that you can take action on today.


Exercise six

  • Define the specific fears, doubts, and worries behind your decision paralysis or inaction
  • Identify the potential risks, benefits, and outcomes of a certain action or decision
  • Map out specific scenarios and weigh the significance of their impact on your life
RESULT: You'll have a way to put your fears into perspective so you feel confident and prepared when you need to make a big/daunting decision.


By the end of this class

  • Be clear on your vision and ideals for the different areas of your life 
  • Equip yourself with tools to reduce the guesswork when making big decisions
  • Put your fears, doubts, and worries into perspective so they don't rule your life
RESULT: You'll be clear on your big picture and feel confident and empowered to make decisions that align with what you want and value.

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What's waiting for you inside

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Video trainings

60 mins (12 videos) of conversational instruction, clear slides, and step-by-step walkthroughs of practical and effective exercises.

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Step-by-step exercises

Reduce the guesswork with evidence-based tools, expert-led approaches, and helpful visuals to guide you through each step.

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  • 1 hour of video lessons with step-by-step walkthroughs
  • Instant + lifetime access to the class and member portal
  • Access to any and all updates
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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your decision to take this class. We also respect our time, energy, and investment into creating this class for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the questions and exercises in the workbook, and still don’t find this course useful, please email our support team within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your payment.



Hi, I'm Melissa Steginus, founder of Intentional Productivity, creator of this course, and lifelong advocate for intentionality. I want to shape and live an empowered, impactful, and fulfilling life, and I strive to help others do the same.

I began developing courses over a decade ago when I worked in frontline mental health care and strategic policy development. To support my clients, colleagues, and my own wellbeing, I practiced and shared countless tools for self awareness and empowerment, effective decision-making, and how to navigate competing priorities.

With time and intention, I compiled these tools into a framework I now use in my workshops and speaking engagements, coaching sessions, two books, and our masterclasses and live program.

This course differs from our masterclasses in that it's a mix of evidence-based exercises I've curated, applied, and adjusted based on my needs, experience, and interpretation. While I'll walk you through each one based on my application, I encourage you to play, explore, experiment, and adjust to find what works best for you.

The important thing is to let yourself get started. I'll bet you have more answers than you think or feel you do! Let's go find them.

See you inside,


Get clear on your big picture and feel confident making decisions that support what you value.