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Intentional Productivity Masterclass

How to Find and Focus on the Right Things

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How you'll benefit

In this 90-minute masterclass, you'll shift the productivity paradigm and get clear on what your right things are, where to focus first, and how to confidently say no to the rest.


Immediate results

By the end of this class, you’ll be clear on your personal vision, have a specific and actionable first/next step, and be equipped with tools and templates to keep you focused, guide your decision-making, and help you say no to distractions.


Long-term results

By continuing to apply what you learn in this class, you’ll work more effectively and feel purposeful and empowered in your day-to-day, knowing you’re getting the right things done. (And that’s what intentional productivity is all about.)


What you can expect

We'll cover a lot of ground in our 90 minutes together so prepare for a deep dive! You will:

  • Reframe productivity to be personal, purposeful, and practical

  • Ask impactful questions and make more effective decisions

  • Clarify your needs, goals, and vision for your work and/or life

  • Determine what to focus on now, based on your personal vision

  • Know when and how to say no to distractions (with templates!)


Your time and energy are your most precious resources. This class will help you spend them on what matters.

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What you'll get access to

You'll get instant and lifetime access to:

  • 1.5 hours of video lessons and step-by-step walkthroughs 

  • 30+ page workbook with questions, templates, and resources

  • Intentional Productivity member account (24/7 access to the class in your member portal + instant access to any updates!)


Video lessons

To serve different types of learners, each lesson is a combination of conversational instruction, clear slides, and practical exercises.

You'll walk through 5 key steps in the class:

  1. Reframe productivity

  2. Ask effective questions

  3. Clarify your vision

  4. Choose your focus

  5. Maintain your focus

Each step is outlined in the What you'll learn and apply section below. Scroll down for an in-depth breakdown of what's inside.



Your copy of the Intentional Productivity Masterclass Workbook contains over 30 fillable pages of questions, templates, and resources to support your journey through the class and your continued results long after.

You will be able to download the workbook at the beginning of the masterclass, and you can fill it out directly on your computer.

(Click the image above ↑ for a 20-second video walkthrough of the workbook)

Member portal

Everything you need is waiting for you in your member portal! Once enrolled, you'll receive an email to create your password and log in to your account. You'll have instant access to all video lessons, your workbook, and any and all future updates.

“Melissa’s approach is personal and practical. She helped me identify my priorities and create a specific action plan to stay fuelled and focused. Working with Melissa moved me toward the life I want. I highly recommend her and her programs!”

Erin Carmen
Healthcare Manager

What you'll learn and apply


Reframe productivity

You'll begin by learning foundational concepts, challenging the existing productivity paradigm, and connecting to the purpose of intentional productivity (ie. "doing more, faster" is not the answer as your life is not an endless list of tasks for you to complete in a race against time).
  • Explore (and confront) key myths and misconceptions around productivity
  • Redefine productivity to be purposeful, personal, practical, and effective
  • Understand the roles of/differences between effectiveness and efficiency
  • Learn the pillars of intentional productivity and shift into an expert-led approach
RESULT: You'll have a new approach to productivity—one that feels personal and empowering.


Ask effective questions

Learning how to ask— and to answer—the right questions is key to finding and focusing on the right things. In this section of the class, you'll explore questions designed to help you clarify your vision and values and maintain conviction in your direction.
  • Gain awareness of unproductive tendencies caused by ineffective questions
  • Understand and utilize "effective inquiry" for clarifying your goals and vision
  • Equip yourself with questions that will both clarify and reflect what you value
  • Observe your inner dialogue and reframe your language to work in your favour
RESULT: You'll ask impactful questions that align with your values and lead to better decisions.


Clarify your vision

Your vision serves as your North Star to guide your objectives, key tasks, and decisions. In this step, you’ll walk through a number of questions, exercises, and approaches to clarify and craft (or refine) your vision for your work and/or life.
  • Explore questions and ideals related to how you spend your time and energy
  • Unpack the 3 Cs and other frameworks for clarifying big picture commitments
  • Bridge the internal and external factors related to commitment and pursuit
  • Gain insight into your vision, core values, and priorities for your work and/or life
RESULT: You'll feel clear(er) on your big picture vision and connected to the 'why' behind it. Plus, you'll have impactful questions, insights, and ideas to help you address the 'how.'


Choose your focus

In this action-oriented section of the class, you'll apply what you learn about decision-making and pull together the knowledge and personal insights you've gathered so far to determine which area of focus will be your current priority.
  • Address decision paralysis so you can learn to trust your choices (and yourself)
  • Identify your “criteria of relevance” for weighing different options and factors
  • Determine which objective, outcome, and key task or step to focus on first
  • Apply questions, themes, and insights to align your focus with your overall vision
RESULT: You'll know the result you're after, where to focus first, what first/next steps are essential, and how to measure your success.


Maintain your focus

Once you're clear on your vision and current focus, you'll wrap up the class with tools, templates, and resources to help you stay focused on what you've committed to (while also providing a specific plan for dealing with other opportunities that arise).
  • Understand how to identify an obligation disguised as a 'good opportunity'
  • Walk through questions, templates, and flowcharts for when and how to say no
  • Create your own templated responses to say no with confidence and respect
  • Apply tips and tools to minimize doubt, distraction, guilt, and obligation
RESULT: You'll know when and how to say no so you feel confident and stick to your decisions.

By the end of this class, you’ll be clear on your personal vision, have a specific and actionable first/next step, and be equipped with tools and templates to keep you focused, guide your decision-making, and help you say no to distractions.


What's waiting for you inside

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Video trainings

1.5 hours (divided into 21 videos) with conversational instruction, clear slides, and practical exercises.

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30+ page workbook

Questions, templates, and resources to support your journey through the class and your continued results long after.

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Tools and templates

Reduce the guesswork with evidence-based tools, expert-led approaches, and helpful visuals and templates.

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Member portal

Get instant and anytime access to all video lessons, your class workbook, and any future updates to the class.

lifetime access to the masterclass!



Lifetime access


  • 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • 30+ page interactive workbook
  • Instant + lifetime access to the class, workbook, and portal
  • Access to any and all updates
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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your decision to take this class. We also respect our time, energy, and investment into creating this class for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the questions and exercises in the workbook, and still don’t find this course useful, please email our support team within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your payment.



Hi, I'm Melissa Steginus, founder of Intentional Productivity, creator of this masterclass, and lifelong advocate for intentionality. I want to shape and live an empowered, impactful, and fulfilling life—not just an "efficient" one—and I strive to help others do the same.

I began developing this class over a decade ago when I worked in frontline mental health care and ;strategic policy development. To support my clients, colleagues, and my own wellbeing, I practiced and shared countless tools for managing projects, tasks, time, energy, and the stressors of navigating competing priorities.

With time and intention, I compiled these tools into a framework which has guided my workshops, coaching services, online courses, speaking topics, two books, and this 90-minute masterclass.

Not only will you get helpful tools; you'll also get a focused, empathetic, person-centred approach along with a much-needed paradigm shift to the pursuit of productivity.

Your time and energy are your life. And you have the power to reshape your life through how you spend these resources. If you're up for it, I'd be honoured to support you in your journey with the tools that have made all the difference in mine.

See you inside!


Your time and energy are precious resources. Start spending them on what matters most.