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Self Care + Productivity Masterclass

Reduce Stress and Do More of What Matters

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How you'll benefit

In this 90-minute masterclass, you'll create a self care plan and practice to reduce your stress, boost productivity, fuel yourself, and focus on what matters most.



By the end of this class, you’ll have a personal, purposeful, practical, and productive self care plan and practice. And you'll be able to act on it with a focused schedule and nourishing activities that optimize your time, fuel your energy, and empower you to pursue your vision of health and success.

“Melissa’s approach is personal and practical. She helped me identify my priorities and create a specific action plan to stay fuelled and focused. I highly recommend her and her programs!”

—Erin C.

“Excellent class! I learned more than I expected to and gained new perspectives. Melissa is a great teacher and has created a great self care and productivity class. Easily five stars.”

—Jonathan A.

“This is such a great class for anyone to take. Definitely exceeded my expectations.”

—Belle M.

“Wow, this class totally exceeded my expectations! Five stars! ☆☆☆☆☆

—Mackayla P.

“Awesome course. I enjoyed the whole class, and I look forward to future courses.”

—Darryl S.

“Thank you! Great practical tools and examples. I'll certainly implement these!”

—Katherine H.

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What you can expect

We'll cover a lot of ground in our 90 minutes together so prepare for a deep dive! You will:

  • Explore ways to identify stressors, manage stress, and prevent burnout

  • Assess the areas of your life to redesign how you spend time and energy

  • Develop an action plan for your work, wellness, and meaningful pursuits

  • Align your day-to-day habits, practices, and schedule with your priorities

  • Track your progress with effective questions, prompts, tools, and templates


Self care and productivity are both about identifying your priorities and acting on them. This class shows you how.

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What you'll get access to

You'll get instant and lifetime access to:

  • 1.5 hours of video lessons and step-by-step walkthroughs

  • 30+ page workbook with questions, templates, and resources

  • Intentional Productivity member account (24/7 access to the class in your member portal + instant access to any updates!)


Video lessons

To serve different types of learners, each lesson is a combination of conversational instruction, clear slides, and practical exercises.

You'll walk through 8 key modules in the class:

  1. Build your framework

  2. Redefine the terms

  3. The role of self care

  4. Identify your starting point

  5. Your action plan pillars

  6. The process and practice

  7. Client case study

  8. Creating your action plan

Each step is outlined in the What you'll learn and apply section below. Scroll down for an in-depth breakdown of what's inside.



Your copy of the Self Care + Productivity Masterclass Workbook contains over 30 fillable pages of questions, templates, and resources to support your journey through the class and your continued results long after.

You will be able to download the workbook at the beginning of the masterclass, and you can fill it out directly on your computer.

(Click the image above ↑ for a 30-second video walkthrough of the workbook)

Member portal

Everything you need is waiting for you in your member portal! Once enrolled, you'll receive an email to create your password and log in to your account. You'll have instant access to all video lessons, your workbook, and any and all future updates.


What you'll learn and apply


Build your framework

  • Redefine productivity and success
  • Identify your underlying motivations
  • Replace "should" with a purposeful Why
  • Ask effective questions to measure the qualitative aspects of productivity
RESULT: You'll reframe productivity to align with your personal priorities and values.


Redefine the terms

  • Redefine self care in a holistic context
  • Understand the pillars of self care 
  • Explore the interconnected relationship between work and personal life
  • Begin assessing your needs and habits
RESULT: You'll reframe your self care plan and practice to match both your needs and ideals.


The role of self care

  • Explore the process of intentional introspection to cultivate self-awareness
  • Confront the consequences of self-neglect (ie. stress, compassion fatigue, burnout)
  • Identify your stressors and warning signs
  • Understand the ripple effects of your self care and wellbeing
RESULT: You'll see the vital need for a self care practice and how your wellbeing benefits others.


Identify your starting point

  • Check in with the different aspects of your life and self using the PERSON acronym
  • Identify and evaluate the most important areas of your life using a Wellness Wheel
  • Understand how and where you currently invest your time, energy, and attention
  • Specify ways to create balance in your life
RESULT: You'll be clear on the area(s) of life you want to invest in and what that will look like.


Your action plan pillars

  • Outline the steps required to create an action plan that supports your success
  • Understand the role self care plays in effective decision-making
  • Clarify the purpose behind your desired habits, routines, goals, and lifestyle 
  • Break down your big picture lifestyle ideals into actionable steps and checkpoints
RESULT: You'll have 3 pillars for an effective and long-lasting action plan built to support you.


The process and practice

  • Design and organize your schedule to find a consistent space for your self care practice
  • Walk through the process of building your self care activities into lasting habits
  • Try out a simple, practical, and effective way to track your efforts and growth
  • Explore questions, prompts, and templates you can use to measure your progress
RESULT: You'll be equipped with key tools and processes to turn your plan into action today.


Client case study

  • Go through the exact steps to apply the process outlined in module 6 (even if you're overworked and overwhelmed)
  • See an example of how self care benefits productivity, health, relationships, and more
  • Explore key questions, prompts, and exercises for "productive self care"
RESULT: You'll see how a self care practice can transform the many facets of work and life.


Create your action plan

  • Tie all of the steps together to apply what you've learned and outlined thus far
  • Use your tools, insights, and workbook to design your personal self care action plan
  • Craft, refine, and apply your action plan using the ANSWER acronym so you can reduce guesswork in your daily life and practice
RESULT: You'll have a clear and practical action plan for your productive self care practice.

By the end of this class, you'll have a personal, purposeful, practical, and productive self care plan and practice. And you'll be able to act on it with a focused schedule and nourishing activities that optimize your time, fuel your energy, and empower you to pursue your vision of health and success.


What's waiting for you inside

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Video trainings

1.5 hours (divided into 8 key modules) with conversational instruction, clear slides, and practical exercises.

icon - resources

30+ page workbook

Questions, templates, and resources to support your journey through the class and your continued results long after.

icon - tools

Tools and templates

Reduce the guesswork with evidence-based tools, expert-led approaches, and helpful visuals and templates.

icon - member portal

Member portal

Get instant and anytime access to all video lessons, your class workbook, and any future updates to the class.

lifetime access to the masterclass!



“This course turned out to work great with my ongoing therapy. I enrolled to find some tips according to difficulties in basic self care at work but got so much more. This class truly was empowering! Thank you.”

—Iwona C.

“I'm going through a very stressful time and as I work full time, this was absorbing my energy which was not being replenished. Now, I have my 3 Ps, so that my PERSON plans the ANSWER! Great acronyms!”

—Declan S.

“I really enjoyed this course. Melissa is very personable, the content is both concise and engaging, and I took a lot of notes to look over as I create my own action plan for the future. Definitely would recommend!”

—Tania P.

“This is such a great course. Its concise, easy to understand and very adaptive to personal situation. Before starting the course, I thought I was doing okay with my self care, but this course has shown me a more rounded perspective that has helped me find a better understanding of what I need. Thank you. I've finished with some helpful tools to move forward with.”


“Great course, and it was actually fun! I've picked up my old bullet journal and I've got a clear direction to head in :) Thank you Melissa! Highly recommend taking this course!”

—Faye M.

“I really enjoyed this course. Melissa is a great teacher. She has a very calming and professional manner.”

—Vivienne G.

“I love it, I love it, I love it! OMG I learned so much! Thank you Melissa! Five stars! ☆☆☆☆☆"

—Linda C.

“It is nice to see someone who actually understands that wellness is more than physical health.”

—William M.

“I learned a lot about where I would like to focus my energy and look forward to putting it into practice. Already, I have begun looking at my calendar to determine how to move forward. I also enjoyed Melissa's communication skills and how she organized the lessons.”

—Vanessa D.

“This was an excellent course to set up a foundation for self care. If there is 'no fuel in the tank,' one cannot move forward. This course is also an excellent resource to return to as progress is made. Thank you for providing clear, understandable steps for this process.”

—Catherine C.

“This class contained a lot of great tools for self care and being productive. The information was clear, concise and easy to understand. I would recommend this class to everyone. Five stars!”

—Tierra L E.

“A clear practical course that focuses on synthesizing self care with maintaining productivity by offering a way to formulate and follow an action plan. I found it very helpful and applicable.”

—Sunny M.

“Helpful, simple advice. I appreciate that Melissa didn’t get into gimmicky tricks for time management, but instead explored the underlying factors which motivate us.”

—James V.



Lifetime access


  • 1.5 hours of video instruction
  • 30+ page interactive workbook
  • Instant + lifetime access to the class, workbook, and portal
  • Access to any and all updates
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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your decision to take this class. We also respect our time, energy, and investment into creating this class for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the questions and exercises in the workbook, and still don’t find this course useful, please email our support team within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your payment.



Hi, I'm Melissa Steginus, founder of Intentional Productivity, creator of this masterclass, and lifelong advocate for intentionality and holistic wellbeing. I want to shape and live an empowered, impactful, and fulfilling life, and I strive to help others do the same.

I began developing this class over a decade ago when I worked in frontline mental health care and strategic policy development. To support my clients, colleagues, and my own wellbeing, I practiced and shared countless tools for self care, mindfulness, managing time and energy, and handling the many stressors of work and life.

With time and intention, I compiled these tools into a framework I now use in my workshops and speaking engagements, coaching sessions, courses, two books, and this 90-minute masterclass.

Not only will you get helpful tools; you'll also get a practical approach to self care and an empathetic, person-centred approach (along with a much-needed paradigm shift) to the pursuit of productivity.

Your time and energy are precious resources. Use this class to invest some of those resources into yourself so you can reduce your stress, boost productivity, fuel yourself, and focus on what matters most.

You deserve your care and attention, and the people around you depend on your wellbeing. If you're up for it, I'd be honoured to support you in your journey with the tools that have made all the difference in mine.

See you inside!


Are you ready to reduce stress, boost productivity, and feel fuelled, focused, and empowered?