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Founder story


A lifelong advocate of intentionality, Melissa Steginus founded Intentional Productivity to create healthy workplaces and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives (by their own definition).

Prior to Intentional Productivity, Melissa spent a decade providing frontline mental health support and strategic developments to healthcare legislation and resources. With a formal background in social work, specializing in community development and nonviolent communication, her work spanned across three continents, including three international aid projects in South Africa. She also authored Everyday Mindfulness (2020) and Self Care at Work (2018).

Blending her scope of expertise in strategic development, mental health and mindfulness training, and an ongoing practice as a Certified Coach Practitioner, Melissa brings an empathetic and person-centred approach to system redesign and a much-needed paradigm shift to the pursuit of productivity.

If you or your team is interested in working with Melissa, please browse our services above or contact us. We would be honoured to support you in achieving your meaningful, lasting results. 

“Melissa is attentive, creative, and shows a great deal of integrity. When working together, she took initiatives that nobody before her did. I highly recommend Melissa and would jump to work with her again!”

Simona Stramaccioni 
Real Estate Professional & Serial Entrepreneur

“Melissa is excellent at looking at the big picture. She has incredible patience and is intentional and attentive in everything I’ve seen her do. Her mindful approach to life flows through every aspect of her work and lifestyle.”

Mike Vardy 
Founder & CEO, Productivityist

“Melissa brings valuable experience and a great attitude to every person and project. If you’re looking for a fantastic coach or collaboration partner, I strongly recommend Melissa.”

Jim Woods
Author & Writing Coach

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