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Build a productivity system for getting the right things done.

Create a system to support your personal vision, focus on what matters, and manage your day-to-day with clarity and confidence.

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Intentional Productivity LIVE Program

Intentional Productivity LIVE is a 5-week online cohort program that teaches you how to strategize your vision, structure your days, and systemize your work so you can spend more of your time and energy on what's most important to you.

This program is for visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives, and driven individuals wanting more clarity, focus, time, and energy for what really matters. Essentially, if you have a big-picture vision or goal in mind but lack the structure and space in your life to make it happen, this program was created specifically for you.


Your time and energy are your most precious resources. This program helps you spend them on what matters.

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How you'll benefit

Focus your work

Identify and focus on what's truly vital, get it done efficiently, and experience a greater sense of clarity, confidence, ease, and empowerment, knowing you're working on the right things.


Be present at home

Spend time with your family and friends and be able to rest and take care of yourself without constantly planning, worrying, feeling guilty, or being distracted by your never-ending list of tasks.


Design your future

Cultivate more connection, purpose, fulfillment, and freedom in your life as you spend your time and energy on what reflects and moves you closer to what you value, desire, and envision.

“Melissa’s approach is personal and practical. She helped me identify my priorities and create a specific action plan to stay fuelled and focused. Working with Melissa moved me toward the life I want. I highly recommend her and her programs!”

Erin Carmen 
Healthcare Manager

What you'll learn and apply

You'll take action every week to build and implement each stage of your system using our  signature CODE and Review method:  Clarify  →  Outline  →  Design  →  Execute  +  Review


Clarify commitments

Along with learning foundational concepts, you'll explore effective questions and exercises to clarify your vision and gain confidence and conviction in your direction.
  • Clarify your wants, needs, and personal vision for your work and/or life
  • Identify the core values that will steer your efforts and decision-making
  • Ideate key commitments and objectives that support your vision and values
RESULT: You'll be clear on your big picture vision and connected to the purpose behind it.


Outline objectives

Create an actionable strategy to mobilize your vision and commitments so you know where to focus your time and energy and can feel confident saying no to the rest.
  • Pinpoint the objectives, milestones, and key results truly vital to your vision
  • Outline a roadmap of essential objectives, checkpoints, steps, and actions
  • Organize priorities, goals and key components and specify the non-essential
RESULT: You'll know the milestones you want or need to reach and have a strategy to get there.


Design your day-to-day

This is where clarity meets capacity. You'll build a framework to invest your time and energy into your objectives so you can work toward them while being present in your daily life.
  • Design your schedule and create routines that reflect and support your priorities
  • Understand and work with your natural rhythms to maximize energy and focus
  • Integrate and organize your current/ongoing responsibilities and commitments
RESULT: Your schedule will reflect your priorities, and you'll feel organized and in control.


Execute efficiently

Apply expert methods, tools, and processes to manage projects and tasks, streamline your workflows, eliminate distractions, and optimize your time, energy, and attention.
  • Replace your laundry list of tasks with a personal and practical system
  • Organize tasks and objectives based on priority, energy, and mental modes
  • Streamline your workflows and eliminate distracting or non-essential steps
RESULT: You'll have a system for managing and completing your tasks with focus and ease.


Review your results

Solidify your system and set yourself up for lasting success by learning how to effectively review your efforts, progress, and results so you measure and stay focused on the right things.
  • Define and measure metrics that reflect your vision, values, and objectives
  • Create a simple yet effective framework for reviewing quickly and consistently
  • Review and personalize your overall system to serve you as you move forward
RESULT: You'll know what to track and how to measure it to achieve meaningful, lasting results.

By the end of this program, you'll have a personal productivity system built on your vision and values so you can focus on your priorities, get the right things done, and manage your day-to-day with clarity, confidence, ease, and effectiveness.


What's waiting for you inside

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Weekly live trainings

Get clear, actionable takeaways and ask your questions in real-time (or watch the recordings when it works for you).

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Online community

Connect with others in our member portal to ask questions, discuss ideas, and share your progress along the way.

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Direct feedback

Receive guidance through weekly Q+A sessions, community discussions, and options for individual coaching.

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Extra resources

Apply what you learn, accelerate your progress, deepen your understanding, and support your lasting results.

lifetime access to the trainings and resources


What if you could spend your time and energy on what matters to you?


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Early bird pricing



$1595 $795

  • 5 x 60-min live, recorded online trainings, plus 15-20 min Q+A
  • 24/7 access to our online community during the program
  • Lifetime access to the training recordings and resources
  • Access to our alumni-only affiliate program and future program rates



$3995 $2495

  • Everything in Essential PLUS individual coaching sessions:
  • 5 x 30-min one-on-one coaching sessions with Melissa (1/wk)
  • 1 x 60-min coaching session after the program (during week 6)
  • Free enrollment in the next live cohort as an Essential member



Hi, I'm Melissa Steginus, founder of Intentional Productivity, creator of this program, and lifelong advocate for intentionality. I want to shape and live an empowered, impactful, and fulfilling life—not just an "efficient" one—and I strive to help others do the same.

I began developing this program over a decade ago when I worked in frontline mental health care and strategic policy development. To support my clients, colleagues, and my own wellbeing, I practiced and shared countless tools for managing projects, tasks, time, energy, and the stressors of navigating competing priorities.

With time and intention, I compiled these tools into a framework which has guided my workshops, coaching services, online courses, speaking topics, two books, and this exciting new program.

Inside, you'll get a strategic framework, helpful tools, live trainings, community discussions, personal feedback, and more. And you'll get a focused, empathetic, person-centred approach along with a much-needed paradigm shift to the pursuit of productivity.

Your time and energy are your life. And you have the power to reshape your life through how you spend these resources. If you're up for it, I'd be honoured to support you in your journey with the framework that's made all the difference in mine.

See you inside!


Your time and energy are precious resources. Start spending them on what matters most.